We invite you to join Farr’s Best in advancing our mission to positively impact individuals and families by improving their access to educational resources, health & wellness information, and economic empowerment. We believe that giving provides the financial resources necessary to continually develop and maintain sustainable systems that will benefit individuals and families for generations to come. 

If you share our deep commitment to helping individuals and families unite for success, we invite you to join us. Unity does not mean sameness; it means oneness of purpose. It is individuals like you who help make this vision a reality.



The effectiveness of Farr’s Best strategies for success are based on our ability to unite, organize, and develop sustainable systems for both individual and collective growth. We invite you to join us by becoming a Farr’s Best Partner.  By giving to Farr’s Best, you will be partnering with us to help eliminate inequities, improve education, promote health and wellness, and equip individuals and families with the tools for economic empowerment. 

Join the Partner program today by making any single gift of $150 or more. This gift entitles you to:

  • Exclusive invitations to special events for our dedicated donors.

  • A Farr’s Best Polo

  • Updates from executive staff on current projects

We are deeply grateful for the significant contribution that each Partner makes to Farr’s Best Foundation. Play a role in our life-changing work, become a Partner today.



  • Foundation Focus – Education 

Funds to assist family members with higher education are available

for individuals interested in pursuing advanced education. There are

educational requirements that must be met prior to the receipt of

educational funds for tuition assistance.

  • Foundation Focus – Health & Wellness 

Farr’s Best is a proud supporter of the Alzheimer Foundation in their

quest to find a cure for individuals and families who are dealing with

this insidious and devastating disease. We share the Alzheimer

Association’s commitment to ending Alzheimer's and all other

dementia by accelerating global research, driving risk reduction and

early detection, and maximizing quality care and support. Farr’s Best

also supports the National Alliance on Mental Health where the goal is to ensure that people affected by mental health conditions, the individual and their families, have access to the most current information regarding mental health conditions and their treatments.

Prevention is the key to improving health outcomes. Farr’s Best is committed to providing access to health information with a focus on preventing diseases that are prevalent within the black community. 

  • Foundation Focus – Economic Empowerment 

Farr’s Best has developed sustainable systems to support the business

goals of individuals and the group. We assist individuals and families

in obtaining financing for their start-up business after reviewing and

validating their business plan. We also provide business consultation

in an effort to increase their likelihood of success. All businesses who

receive funding from Farr’s Best must comply with the Farr’s Best

standard of operation because their business will carry the Farr’s Best brand.





Give with us to accelerate equality, empowerment, and opportunity.